Denmark is one of the richest countries in the world and has a powerful and thriving economy at present. The Danish people continue to enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the European Union.

In recent years Denmark has welcomed foreign workers into a number of industries and in the coming years it is expected that there will be an increasing need for foreign labour.

Once you’re in the workplace you can expect good conditions as well as an open dialogue and easy collaboration between yourself and your bosses and managers.

Denmark is known for its high quality lifestyle, relatively low unemployment rate, and dedication to donating a significant amount of gross national income to less developed nations, Denmark continues to make a slow recovery from the global economic crisis.

Denmark also benefits from an efficient welfare state. Free healthcare and education are offered from primary to university level. Childcare is subsidized by the state, and unemployment insurance is optional.

The majority of Danish jobs are in private services, followed by government, industry, construction, utilities and agriculture and fisheries. Despite this, production and exportation of machinery, parts, chemicals and agricultural products, among others, is a key contributor to the economy.

Increasing numbers of job roles for foreign workers are now available due to more citizens retiring than entering the labour market. This means there is significant demand for engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers, IT workers and pharmacists among others.